7-Set Cube Inclusion Dice: Sea Turtle

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Release Date Aug, 2024


INCLUSION DICE: SEA TURTLE - Inclusion Dice are a wide variety of customized dice designs that contain unique items of any possible material or design inside each die! As every set's design is entirely unique, these ingenious sets are identified by their inclusions!
This beautiful Inclusion Dice set contains a highly detailed baby sea turtle inside every die!  Each sea turtle can be found swimming freely and happily in and on a watery aqua-swirl resin. These baby sea turtle pet dice are looking for a new dice bag to call their new aquarium-home.  Will it be yours!?
Each die has the high and low numbers centered on the two halves for high-speed number recognition.
Made of high-impact resin, with the a similar casting process we use for our other dice that prevents air-bubbles from forming inside, Gate Keeper Games dice bear the honor of being the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice on the planet, and have 3rd party roll testing to prove it!

One d20
One d12
Two d10 (00-90 and 0-9)
One d8
One d6
One d4
One Dice Castle Tower