Custom Engraved Shifter / Shift knob Universal Fit

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The size of shift konb is 5.1*1.26in/13cm*3.2cm,

weight is around 6oz 

The shifter knobs with comfortable smooth surface and great durable metal touch, easy to clean, pen shaped knob helps for good driving habits, improves the driving experience and manipulative sense

[ INSTALLATION ] Remove the original gear shift knobs head, choose a Plastic sleeve suitable for the size of the gear shift lever, turn the Plastic sleeve into the gear shift lever knobs, if loose can bind up some tape to get a tighter fit and safe, put the gear shifter head directly into the rubber sleeve Different size of adapters make it universal fits for different cars.

3 threaded adapters size M8: 8*1.25mm, M10: 10*1.25mm, M12; 12*1.25mm, the stick original size is 0.65in/1.65cm, directly fit without adapters Fits on most auto & manual (MT) cars gear shift knob, SUV, truck for most brands of cars, SUV, trucks, RV etc.

But Pls Note: it doesn’t fit for auto shift knob with LOCK BUTTON or manual shift knob car with "pull up ring'' to ''reserve"

Shipping time varies but usually around 2-4 weeks up to 6  for holidays 


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