Game Color: Sci-Fi Paint Set by Angel Giraldez

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Vallejo Colors is excited to present you the first set of the new Game Color series, including 12 vibrant colors and an exclusive figure, designed by the talented Ángel Giráldez!

With these saturated tones you will be able to create endless details for your Sci-Fi themed miniatures, using either traditional techniques or advanced lighting effects.

The Game Color set covers the entire color range with ten shades and also features two fluorescent colors that will allow you to achieve reflected light effects to make your creations stand out even more.

The exclusive figure included in the set is made of high-quality plastic and has a size of 28 mm, being compatible with most Sci-Fi themed games. It portrays a futuristic warrior and allows you to test different color schemes, as well as to apply striking contrasts and lighting effects.

To help you in your creative process, they also offer a video tutorial where Ángel Giráldez will guide you step by step in the painting of the figure. You will be able to access the tutorial through a QR code printed on the box.

72.001 Dead White
72.005 Moon Yellow
72009 Hot Orange
72.106 Scarlet Blood
72.113 Deep Magenta
72.021 Magic Blue
72.024 Turquoise
72.026 Jade Green
72.148 Warm Grey
72.051 Black
72.158 Fluorescent Magenta
72.104 Fluorescent Green